Saturday, August 11, 2012

ESV & RPro @ The Wizard World Chicago Comi Con!!!

For the second year in a row RESISTANCE Pro made it's presence felt at the Wizard World Chicago Comi Con.

Last year we merely announced our intentions as a new independant wrestling promotion, but this year we came back with proof of not only having delivered on our promises, but EXCEEDING them! With a booth full of top notch DVD's from all the past year's events as well as T-Shirts, posters, and tickets to the upcoming RPro event "JUST A GAME"!

Putting our sketchy past aside for the day... I had the honor of representing RPro alongside "The Ego" Robert Anthony on Saturday August 11th. It was great to see so many of our loyal fans come out to support us, and meet so many new people for the first time who quickly took interest in the product.

Comi Con is an awesome event, and a great environment to interact with our fans whom we appreciate so much.

We were visited by our loyal supporters Johngy & "BIG MONEY" Matt Parker of Johngy's Beat who got interviews with ALL of The RPro talent over the course of the weekend that you can check out including "Lonesome" Jay Bradley, Melanie Cruise, Nikki St. John, PL Myers, Jacques Baron, "The Ego" Robert Anthony, RPro Security Mike Bradley, and OF COURSE Eric St. Vaughn! 

Even The 5 TIME! 5 TIME! 5 TIME! 5 TIME! 5 TIME! WCW Champion Booker T had to get a picture with ESV!

Eric St. Vaughn and RESISTANCE Pro will see you again NEXT YEAR... At Comi Con!!!