Sunday, March 11, 2012

RPro Invades "The North West Side Irish Parade"!!!

The North West Side Irish Parade in Chicago never knew what hit it when RESISTANCE Pro invaded for the first time! 

RPro Owners Jacques and Gabe Baron along with their family lead the RPro Army which included "Lonesome" Jay Bradley, Serenity, Rinaldo Piven, The Thompsons, Sheri Shaw of SSTARIA, and of COURSE... Eric St. Vaughn! 

We were there to let the people know that the FUTURE of Professional Wrestling had ARRIVED in their hometown of Chicago!

We took to the streets handing out $5 OFF flyers for our upcoming event on March 23rd, "OBSESSION"!

After the parade we were welcomed to take part in a meet and greet with all of the other participants in the parade. We of course had RPro merchandise on hand!

Our RPro Champions Harry Smith, and Melanie Cruise were kind enough to let us borrow THEIR Title Belts for the day so that RPro fans may get a close up look at them, and get a picture! 

Neeldess to say we all had a great time, and appreciated the crowd's enthusiastic response to our presence. Our community is what allows us to thrive. We love our fans, and love that our fans love us. Together we are a family growing at an exponential rate!